A band is born…

Played a great gig at the Moray Jazz Club this week with the newly formed “Sus4 Quartet”. The band is made up of me on guitar, Matthew Kilner on tenor, Bryan Chalmers on bass & Richard Glassby on drums. Richard and Matthew are two fantastically talented youngsters studying music at Aberdeen University, and Bryan is an old partner-in-crime. We’d all played in the recent Ellington Sacred Concert, but not together, so it was great to try out this new lineup and see what happened. Results were positive!

Always a pleasure playing in Elgin, the audience really get into the music which makes up for the long late drive back home afterwards which can be eventful to say the least, usually involving several near-misses with badgers, owls and the odd deer. We’ve been asked back so we’ll be playing with this lineup again on thurs 1st June. Cheeky wee recording of one of our numbers composed by me here: Memoir.

For the guitar nerds, I was using my Peerless Martin Taylor Maestro for half the gig, then a Fender FSR Telecaster for the rest of it. The Peerless is a truly beautiful guitar that I just don’t play enough, but saying that, you just can’t beat a Tele, truly a great all-rounder. All played through my Henriksen Jazzamp, which I use pretty much all the time. That’s got me thinking… maybe I’ll add a “gear” section to my website…

Photo by Tom McPherson, audio recorded by Allan Haddow, cheers boys đŸ™‚


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