Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible…

Hi there,

I’m not very good at posting updates on this page, but as expected due to the current Coronavirus situation, all 1:1 lessons are currently suspended until things settle down.

Musicians across the country (and the world) are being hammered by this situation, all my upcoming gigs, festivals, theatre shows etc have been cancelled, and teaching is at a minimum. The Aberdeen Jazz Festival was due to run for ten days in March, but was axed after four, just as the crisis escalated. I’m doing some lessons via online platforms to my University students and school pupils, so at least that’s something.

Please spare a thought for all the creative people who are currently out of work, and being self-employed, are not entitled to any government support. You can support musicians and artists by buying music/CD’s via download, supporting and donating to the many livestreamed concerts going on, supporting via Patreon etc. Hopefully things will get back on track soon…..

Be safe, Colin

col guitar

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