I provide private guitar tuition in a variety of styles, and also offer electric bass and ukulele tuition. Lessons are held in my custom built, fully equipped studio. There is a small waiting room for parents to wait, or for pupils to warm up/tune up.

Lessons are payable in blocks of four, this secures your regular slot on an ongoing basis. I require at least 24hrs notice if a lesson cannot be attended. Please contact me for current rates.

Amplifiers, leads, music stand, a footstool (if required) are all provided in the studio and there is a spare Stratocaster available for pupils to use if anyone is unable to bring their own instrument.

Every pupil is different and I structure lessons to suit the needs and aspirations of each individual. Some learners respond to a structured academic approach while others thrive on a more informal approach, but both should be about enjoying and understanding music through playing guitar.

The more structured approach may include:
Trinity Rockschool syllabus up to grade 8 and beyond to diploma level
RGT electric and acoustic grades
Jazz guitar tuition and jazz theory
Classical guitar
Preparation for school exams in line with the new Curriculum for Excellence

The more informal approach may include:
Learning current and classic rock and pop tunes
Improvisation, learning and analysing iconic guitar solos and using them as inspiration to be able to create your own
Playing in bands, and how to interact effectively with other musicians
Using all aspects of guitar technology, ie effects pedals, amplifiers, recording equipment etc
Transcribing and ear training, enabling you to analyse and learn tunes on your own
Scottish traditional music for guitar and banjo

I make extensive use of computer learning software and have a database of tens of thousands of notated tunes and am constantly updating this with my own transcriptions. I am happy to work on any tunes requested by the student.

As I mentioned earlier, no matter what your learning style is, you have to enjoy your lessons, and that is my ultimate goal, to enable you to learn guitar effectively while having fun.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all – thanks for looking!